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    Man Zai Industrial Co,. LTD.

    About Man Zai

    MAN ZAI Industrial Company has provided thr finest aluminum products to the automotive, sporting equipment, and the high-tech industries. With our extensive product range and commitment to service and quality, you can always expect the best.

    Our flexibility enables us to tackle the most demanding projects.We own the complete production process from the melting of ungots to the packing,which offers us better control over quality and costs and more choice for our customers.

    Our advanced technology and high quality have earned us worldwide recognition in the auto heat exchanger market and fluled our rapid growth in the high-tech arena.

    Quality Control

    The quality of our products has played a significant role in our repid worldwide growth.We are TS16949 & ISO14001 certified and conform to the strict quality requirements of OE manufacturers.Our long tradition of quality has brought us award recognition from the biggest names in the industry.

    Research and Development

    We recognize the need for contnuous technical advancement.With world leading manufacturer's know-how with our patented technologies ensures we are always one step ahead of the rest in the automotive heat exchange industry.

    Our team of engineers, designers, and laboratory staff develop prototype samples to meet customer's unique requirements. With state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced equipment, you can always trust MAN ZAI to provide you with the products you need.

    A/C Condensers / Evaporator / Radiator

    MAN ZAI is a global leader in A/C condensers ﹑Evaporators and Radiators. Our wide collection applications to serve our customers from all regions of the world. We are constantly developing the latest and most popular items to further expand our product range. 

    Our products are equivalent to OE counterparts in both appearance and performance. We aim to be the primary source for all your cooling and A/C needs.